Daredevil Bonus – The Man Without Fear

Join the Defenders as they talk about Frank Miller’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear! In 1980, Frank Miller got to draw Roger McKenzie’s interpretation of the Daredevil origin and eventually he took over as lead writer for an epic run on the series. In 1993, Frank returned to give his own take on the “unfortunate” beginnings of Matt Murdock, a young man without fear. And this week, the classic miniseries is examined and cross-examined by The Defenders and special guest Killian! We hope you enjoy the show. We also recommend Dave’s Daredevil Podcast episodes 10-14 for more on this miniseries! And make sure to come back next week as we begin our weekly look at the Daredevil series on Netflix! It’s almost here!!! Excelsior!

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