Daredevil S1E01 – Into the Ring

On April 10, 2015, Daredevil superfan Claire stayed up all night and into the next morning bingewatching Netflix’s Daredevil like a 13-hour training montage. Meanwhile, newbie co-hosts Matt, Mel and Robin watched the first episode and ONLY the first episode as per Claire’s instructions. We are a SPOILER-FREE introcast and we discuss the trials and tribulations of delayed gratification before launching into our discussion of “Into The Ring”. How does this street-level vigilante fit into this world of dancing Groot plants? What are those opening credits trying to say? Which characters really stood out for us? What’s with the crouchfighting and the woob-woob-woob pitter-patter? And in the criminal underworld, where can we sign up for sandwich duty? Excelsior!

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