Jessica Jones S1E04 – AKA 99 Friends

All aboard the SS WISH! The Defenders (well at least two of them) assemble to chat about “AKA 99 Friends” with guest Stephanie Smith!
Two loons who lost family because the Hulk dropped a building on them decide to take it out on Jessica. Exactly how many f—s does Jessica have for them? (Spoiler alert: None.)
  • We learn the rules of Kilgrave’s power, but can we accept them?
  • How cold is Jeri?
  • When will we learn more about Trish’s mother?
  • Where can we get a big plate of Krav Maga?
  • Have gun, Wil Traval?
  • And how surprised were we by the big reveal at the end?
Check out Steph on the iZombie Podcast and RedemptionCast! (It just so happens that you’ll find Robin there, too!)

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